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Two new videos are out, Chandler Bing and Vegetariano!


My last live concert is online!
Take a look at what one year of quarantine can do to a human body!

NEWS and Updates:

Pilgramgasse is out now! I love the music video. I love the stupid austropop vibes. I’m thankful for all this people that helped me during the writing and the filming process. Is my first song in german and I hope to write many others cause is really funny to do random stupid shit again.

– The workshop “Dove vado quando ho gli occhi chiusi” will be updated soon.

– Bags and t-shirts for Pene are available! Price is 10€ for the bag and 20€ for the shirt. You can write me here if interested. Or just call me. Come on. Call me. I feel lonely and I need to sell my stuff.