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After 10 years living in Vienna I decided to show my longest art project in an exhibition that took place the 1st of April 2023 in SSTR6 / Vinylograph with the help of Natascha Muhic. She was the one that saw the potential in this project.
Every year, in autumn, I renew my Jahreskarte and I’ve found a way to upload a pic that is not the usual pic someone will see on an official document. The research to destroy the rules, play with identity and find a way to express yourself in a society that is becoming more and more controlled was the purpose of the exhibition where I was not only an artist but also a curator. Many other artists took part and helped me.
Wienerlinien did not give any money for this.

Click here to see a video of the exhibition!!!

It was a journey into the life of an immigrant (me) that every year had to face new challenges and prove to the society he was worth living in the most privileged city of the world.

Aldo Giannotti provided his own interpretation of the anime AKIRA with two drawing, Francesca Centonze created a whole campaign of advertisment for parfumes inspired by the “smell” of the Ubahn, a very funny project that also had a video on youtube.

Samt und Seide realized and manifactured a vest with faces to disguise the facial recognition system that hunts everyone in the public trasportation in Vienna, she also made a video to show how this cloth was capable of distraction the cameras.

Pierluca Coiro sent 100 cv’s to the same company applying for the same job changing only the pic. He collected only rejections and printed all of them. His purpose was to show how unhuman was the human research for new employees. Nobody realized he was messing with them. He had a professional photographer taking pictures of him with different wigs, hairstyles, mustache and played with his own identity.

Pablo Chiereghin went on the public transportation without any permission or official ID asking for other people tickets, checking if they were illegaling riding. The result is a very uncomfortable video filmed with an hidden camera where you can feel the sense of power coming from controlling the other, asking for their identity and where nobody was questioning his autorithy, and autorithy that he didn’t had of course.

Creating, curating and building this exhibition was an amazing experience which I will always be thankful for!